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Job description


we want to make grocery more sustainable AND more delicious. If none of the published jobs fit you, but you want to join the cause. Just sent your CV and a quick note to us here. If we have something potentially suitable - maybe right now or maybe in a couple of weeks - we will reach out!

In this instance, please be patient with us:) We will read your application and appreciate your investment in us, even if we dont get right back to you. 

Who we are:

alpakas is on a mission to prove that grocery delivery can be done sustainably. We are zero-waste, organic, local - and we are just getting started. We are live in Berlin but will expand quickly in Germany. We combine sustainability and practicality to address one of the biggest waste problems of our time: plastic packaging. To achieve zero-waste, we use our own system of reusable refill-glasses (“Pfand”) and work with suppliers who believe in the same mission. We want to make it easy to re-connect to the local producers and are proud to work with many of them already <3

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we will find out together